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Earl Scheib Of Concord

Paint Services


Diamond Paint Service

Top Seller

  • Three Coats Of Top Quality Urethane Base Coat Paint

  • Clear Coat For Deepest Shine & Protection (3 coats)

  • Six Year Warranty

  • UV Protection

  • OEM and Generic Colors

Platinum Paint Service


  • Three Coats of Top Quality Acrylic Basecoat Paint

  • Clear Coat For Deepest Shine & Protection (2 coats)

  • Three Years Warranty

  • OEM and Generic Colors (Met. Colors req. Clear Coat over)

Silver Paint Service


  • Two Coats Of Top Acrylic Enamel Paint

  • One Year Warranty

  • Generic Solid Colors Options

  • Our Most Affordable Service

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bodywork pic.jpg

Value Car Preparation

Included on Paint Services

  • Machine and Hand Sanding for Adhesion & Cleaning

  • Air Blown Dust Removal

  • Chemically Clean for Wax & Grease

  • Seal Coat Application

Extra Car Preparation 

By Estimate

  • Clear Coat Delamination

  • Oxidation

  • Paint Peeling or Cracking

  • Deep Scratches

  • Pinstripe or Decal Removal

Additional Services

By Estimate

  • Bodywork (By Estimate)

  • UV Sunscreen Protection

  • Full Clear Coat

  • Two Tone Paint

  • Large Vehicle Charge

  • Door Jams

  • Under Hood/Trunk

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